“Unagi (freshwater eel) dishes that will make you indulgent and nostalgic”,
which is realized by the owner who grills unagi
one by one with special care.
Drawing the best out of the local products
Enjoy the fine balance of al dente noodles
and crispy tempura.
Enjoy the taste of nature
Shiki original take-outs that are carefully seasoned
and flavored using the local ingredients
※Please contact our staff for the current specials

Craving for unagi in Shuzenji?  Shiki is the place you want to go.

Over 30 years of its history in Shuzenji, Shiki has never changed its way of cooking unagi. Unagi served at Shiki are domestically cultivated and carefully selected by the owner. Process of spiking unagi to the cutting board, filleting, skewering, steaming prior to grilling and grilling; the quicker the process goes, the better unagi tastes are extracted. Grilling technique handed down for decades is the key to make unagi crispy outside and juicy inside leaving its fragrant smell. The original sauce is the final touch to make the Shiki’s unagi.

Japanese Traditional Restaurant

Passion of the owner.

Shiki's unagi is full of the owner's passion,and every single process; steaming; grilling; dipping into its original sweet-savory sauce; dishing up is performed without any compromise.

Variety of Menu

Unagi is not only the specialty of Shiki. Its special beef stew is very popular. Other dishes such as steak and Japanese style croquette are the ones you should give it a try.

Group guests

Large-number parties such as family gatherings or groups or business meetings can be accommodated.
Please call us in advance.

NEWSJapanese Traditional Restaurant “SHIKI”. Information※季節限定商品です

Try our unaju, grilled and sweet-savory glazed unagi resting on a bed of rice. You can enjoy all the characteristics of unagi: the grilled meat is so tender and fatty while the skin is very crispy, and the original savory and sweet sauce completes the most exquisite taste of unagi.Enjoy lunch or dinner in the homey atmosphere at Shiki located 2-minute walk from Shuzenji Station.
Opening hours
Lunch: 11:00 – 14:00/Dinner: 17:00 – 21:00
Closed on Tuesday&Wednesdays
●Parking lots are available
●Seating capacity: 60 including a counter, tables and a Tatami room for up to group of 40 people

Address: 605-2 Kashiwakubo Izu-shi Shizuoka Pref. 410-2407