Thanks for your patronage, Shiki has renewed the name and package of our popular souvenir.

The new product is named “Izu no Hana (flower)”.

Izu area has lots of riches from the soil including Shiitake Mushrooms and Sansho (Japanese pepper), however no processed product of Shiitake Mushroom was found. This is how we came up with “Izu no Hana” using the locally grown Shiitake Mushrooms cooked with bonito flakes and kombu (seaweed).
Shiitake Mushrooms in Izu are said to have suffered from damage caused by rumors spread from Fukushima nuclear accident. Shiki has been supporting Shiitake Mushroom producers by using those high-quality mushrooms.

Our another product, “Kiriboshi Shiitake Mushroom and Kombu” also has a new package. It can go well with white rice, beer, Japanese sake and others.

These are available at the restaurant or by delivery service. You should give it a try!